Retreading Ground....

Posted by Solace In Hunger

Yesterday, I just finished filming the first half of the short with Steve. And wow, too many parts of the script hit too close to home. Or rather, it's not the script but the essences of the character that had me dealing closely with my current issues at hand. It was therapeutic though, but having to relive the misery of what happened weeks ago was bringing forth too much tension in the shoot. I had to keep reading a letter I received from her a few days ago to help center myself. Amidst the sadness and even angst that I'm feeling myself I just need to read the letter to remind myself why this is happening to know where she really stands. It's been a few months since I've acted and even then it was quite some time before that! I'll admit I'm pretty rusty but I'll be sure to post the link to the video once it's up.

I had a pretty good feeling coming back from the weekly meetup on Saturday. Andrei gave me some helpful pointers and said that as someone who does not really freehand that I am not too bad. This is probably the most fun that I have had with glowsticking in a while...even before meeting Andrea when I REALLY didn't know what the hell I was doing! I had forgotten about how just right everything feels playing with the light in my hand. Merging myself with the music and the sounds everything was just so intuitive. I have decided that as a goal to push me to better myself for my passion of the glow, I will participate in the ultra-circle this year at love fest!

Coming back from the meetup, I decided to take PCH...from Santa Ana ALL THE WAY to Topanga Canyon then home. I felt so good to meditate once again to everything that has happened. I'm feeling more calm about everything. The sadness is still there but it is not overwhelming me as much as before. One thing is for sure though...I NEED TO GET MY SYSTEM INSTALLED!!!

I'm still sore from Parkour...