Was I Wrong?

Posted by Solace In Hunger

OMG...I just had an epiphany as to why everything Andrea is REALLY happening! The answers just suddenly hit me in a wave while I was meditating one of my drives. My eyes are so open now...I feel so relieved. What I originally thought were the problems were things that existed only on the surface. There is something going on here that is so much deeper and bigger than what our romantic relationship was. And that in itself was already deep enough as it is! I feel so centered now with everything that has been going on. I feel like I'm able to see the truth...I'm still figuring out in detail exactly what it is but I know that I am now on the right path to reaching it. I feel so good realizing this!!! I need to tell her because I truly think this will help her as well. We both are really in a more similar spot than I realize. I wish I could put into words what I'm actually realizing and feeling right now. It sounds weird but I feel like that I can actually place my "romantic" feelings for her aside and really try to focus on what we both need to deal with. I truly want to be there for her now with no intentions whatsoever expect to help her become truly happy. I know that she might feel awkward coming to me with anything still but I really want to to know that I'm coming from a TOTALLY different place now with this. I hope this goes well :::crosses fingers:::