Now, I've Done It...

Posted by Solace In Hunger

As exhausting as they have been, I have been very unhappy with the workouts that I have been having lately. I can attribute that my most successful periods of working out came at a time when I was instituted in a program such as when I was in weight training or taking martial arts and gymnastics classes regularly. With an upcoming fight scene, photo shoot and events of summer coming up, I now have goals to push myself to reach. Seeking to regain a structure for my workouts, I sought out a program where I could best develop lean muscle (not a big fan of the bodybuilder muscle on muscle look) and retain my agility and light weight for martial arts. That's when I remembered this...

Recommended highly by fellow martial artists who I have trained with in the past, the P90X is a 90 day interval training and nutrition program for intermediate athletes. There are 12 different exercises whose order is rotated in 30 day segments to be performed 6 days a week. Those exercises range from target body strengthening, plyometrics, Kenpo and even Yoga. The exercises have a steep learning curve and require that the practitioner is already in moderate shape at best. Even if recommended, the nutrition program requires no intake of supplements or omission of staple favorites like meat and bread.

Now for the record, I am one of those people that has always dismissed infomercials of cookie cutter workout fads and those who know of my eating habits know that the term "diet" is nowhere to be found in my lexicon. Had it not been for friends recommending this program, I would have dismissed this as anything else. After locating a discounted copy on eBay, I am only days away of beginning my journey to a better me.

My goal here will not be just posting before and after pictures (sorry to those who will be viewing my pale ass), but also progress pics of intervals at every ten days. I firmly believe that this program will help with my health, nutrition and martial arts capabilities even if I don't achieve the chiseled beach body looks of the program's testimonials. Now, it will only be a short time until I can put this and myself to the test.