Love In The Fourth Dimension

Posted by Solace In Hunger

I spent my day hanging out with Maria who I had not seen in what seemed liked forever. (And it practically has been) After having a nice discussion about love over some céfiore (One opened here in Encino and a Pinkberry just opened up at the Topanga Mall across the street!) we brought up the effects of love on two different types of people. Those who live from the head and those who live from the heart. Whatever you consider love to be, in itself you would not be able to truly express it to any of the fives senses. Yet at the same time people such as myself who live more from the heart can say we feel love enough to believe in its existence. However, in explaining love to someone who has never experienced it before you would not be able to put it in anything tangible. You can imbue an object or action with love but it must be applied to an earthly contextual medium. Then while meditating on a drive I started to apply this to a great theory Andrea came up with one day.

She once brought up the relation of time and dimension and the relevance of transcending dimensions over evolution. On a graph you would have time represented by X and the level of dimensions represented by Y. For example, with the current stage of time you have humans oscillating between the third dimension of reality and the fourth dimension of dream. Now, bookend the range of dimension in the human category with the aforementioned archetypes...those who live with their head (the realists) and those who live from the heart (the dreamers).

With the realists, love doesn't seem to last very long and do not believe in it for the most part other than it being merely a chemical reaction. It has been proven that, when in love high levels of dopamine and norpenephrine manifests itself in the brain chemistry giving it some sort of an actual presence in reality. However, it is maintained by most that love is always growing and evolving. Given that, you could say that love would be represented by a constantly rising line on the graph meaning that love eventually transcends into the fourth dimension of dream. When this happens, the realist who spends the majority of time in third dimension finds themselves unable to feel things anymore and losing love. They are able to experience its existence but only for a short while. For the most part, they tend to be seen as pessimists.

The dreamers tend to have this greater view of love. They see it as intensely overwhelming and at times all encompassing. Spending most of their time living in the third dimension of reality they are able to experiences the beginning manifestations of love. However, you will find that with dreamers over time with somebody eventually come across an aspect of love they cannot explain. They just feel it. I believe at that point they have begun the experience of love evolving into the fourth dimension. From them you hear, "Love does transcend all" Seeing the power of love in its matured state they tend to be seens as optimists.

I even think about raves briefly. Most of us there whether or not through substance enter into an altered state of some sort. All of us there, while awake are briefly able to enter that fourth dimension briefly. But while there, no matter what discipline, realist or dreamer we are from, we all experience the overwhelming feeling of love. We cannot explain it, we just unite our consciousness into one in this dream like state and once that happens we begin to truly experience what we we call love. Some of us internalizing it and brining it back to reality...at least in memory.