A New Passion...

Posted by Solace In Hunger

Parkour - wow... I was invited to my first training session yesterday by one of the GS.C members and I cannot describe how great it was. Though we were going over only the basics, I'm beginning to appreciate the lifestyle upheld by these practicing traceurs. First of all, like the glowsticking community, they believe in a non-competitive, nurturing environment in which one would be free to join the others, developing their skills and exploring. Second of all, the mentality is mainly based on efficiency and the deconstruction of obstacles. Experienced traceurs have claimed that adopting the philosophy and utilizing this method of problem solving has helped them handle situations face in the real world. This might be the most therapeutic thing for me yet. To embark in a friendly environment in an activity that forces you to face fear, analyze your obstacles and forces you to commit. That and it is one hell of a workout!!! I'll be hitting him up for more classes and freeruns in the future.