What I'm Watching: Ricochet

Posted by Solace In Hunger

Former police officer Nick Styles (Denzel Washington) is a modern day hero with numerous convictions as an Assistant D.A., a beautfiful wife and two daughters, sponsorship in an inner-city community youth center and the admiration of the citizens of Los Angeles. His success catapulted from the largely televised arrest of Earl Talbert Blake (John Lithgow) who believes he who has the power to giveth shall taketh away.

Yeah, it's mostly predictable and full of plotholes and cringing setpieces but the film's pacing and strong performances from Washington and Lithgow earned itself a spot for my library. John Lithgow MADE this film for me. Though I have always loved the versatile actor from his lighthearted fare (Shrek, 3rd Rock from the Sun), his few villainous roles always struck a deeper chord within me. In watching the scene where Blake is having a birthday cake with Style's two preschool daughters, seeing his familiarly disarming smile just creeped me the fuck out. The 109 minute ride is one you have been on before, but you will be hard-pressed to turn away once you lend it a glance.

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