Made In Taiwan...

Posted by Solace In Hunger

I get excited whenever I hear of Taiwanese contributions to the world. Boba, Ang Lee, Jay Chou any many others have origins in the island nation. I think that part of my fascination comes from the fact that growing up in mostly white neighborhoods I knew no other Asians (let alone Taiwanese). So, whenever I hear of anything from the country of my ancestors (let's not start the Chinese/Taiwanese debate shall we? I believe we really are all the same despite what we call ourselves.) my ears perk right up. And the latest discovery to grab headlines stateside is...


...yes, two concepts that are in unspokenly symbiotic of each other have been fused together tastefully with this restaurant chain. Other than the perverse novelty the theme provides, patrons note that visual repugnances like poop lights, urinal drinking glasses and toilet plates with curry on top give the actual food a new context for the taste buds.

I think I'll give this a pass the next time I go back to Taiwan. Or will I?

Source on TIME.com