It's Always A Good Time To Celebrate

Posted by Solace In Hunger

It's no secret that I've been dreading this day.  If today hadn't coincided with Chinese New Year and the Winter Olympics, I would've been on the brink of going off the deep end.  The last thing I need to be reminded of is the loss of the last two years on the eve of what is to be my bigger push of chasing my dream.

But I'm a much happier and fun person than how these entries have been reading these past few months.  I don't want to feel sad anymore while life is calling out for me.  These next few months alone have so many opportunities lined up that I can't take advantage of them being chained down by my guilt.  My words here may be be morose but I'm actually someone who is cheerful, energetic, silly and playful.  And I have the world to give to someone as long as they can effectively show me they appreciate it.

Instead of wallowing the loss today I choose to celebrate it.  For I know, that there are still many in the world who never got to experience how wonderful love can be.  I consider myself fortunate that I was able to feel that again after believing I couldn't after losing my first love years ago.  I took a risk with my heart and with it I gained so many rewards that outweighs the pain I still feel from the loss.  And to you, the world, I give back this song shown to me by the one who brought me that much closer to true love.

[Note: Due to problems with premiere, you'll have to listen to the original song instead of my cover while I get it finished.  Your ears will thank me for this better version anyways.  =oÞ]

To those of you fortunate to be with a loved one today, do me a favor.  I want you to make a list.  On it, write every little quirk of theirs that turns you into a puppy dog, all the moments they have made your breath stop and the times you were floored by their beauty.  Break the list into individual pieces and place these items all over around the house.  And then when you see that person or wait for them wake up next to you, show them around to all the notes and let them know how much they have given to your world.  Make them smile that smile that always brings peace to your heart.  Then grab them and feel the warmth of their body and beats of their heart bounce off your chest.  Feel how soft their skin is.  And taste how sweet their kiss is.  REMIND each other what led you two to come together.  Enjoy every moment with them as if it was your last.  Don't make the same mistake I did and wait for the next Valentine's Day to truly show how much she means to you because she might not be there.  Everyday should really be Valentine's Day with the one you love so much.

Thanks to my inspiration and for teaching me how to love more truly than I have ever before.  I hope that you and everyone else is doing well out there...  =o)

Happy Valentine's Day and 新年快樂 !!