I Love The Olympics!!!

Posted by Solace In Hunger

"The Olympics remind the world of the folly in thinking that anyone can stand alone." - Robert Kaufman

YAY!  The Winter Olympics are here!  With the exception of martial arts competitions I am not a sports person at all.  However, whenever the Olympics are upon us every two years I become that alpha male glued to the television cheering that others usually despise or join with.

And it's not necessarily the sports I get excited over.  In fact, of all the sports in the winter it's usually only figure skating that grabs my attention (stop laughing, guys!).  With the Olympics, however, comes with this sense of unity not unlike the same feeling I used to get with the raves I used to attend.  That feeling of people coming together and cheering for someone or something other than themselves.  That feeling of hope culled from the thoughts of millions and focused behind the individuals chasing their dreams.  I loved feeling that togetherness and it's something that I think that we all could use right now.  This CNN story from a writer that I took the above quote from is a great example of the spirit desperately needed back in this world today.

Something about this also seems to reinforce what I'm just noticing for me in that years ending in odd numbers go horribly and those that end in even numbers were wonderful.  The best relationships (romantic, friendly and business) went underway those even years and some of the best moments came in those years too.  Perhaps the goodwill brought forth from the people and these games illicit a positive energy that trickles throughout the year.  It's only February so there are still ten more months of great miracles to happen before year's end.

I hope that everyone is doing well out there... =o)