Touching Base

Posted by Solace In Hunger

"The winner is one who knows when to drop out in order to get in touch." - Marshall McLuhan

It's been about three weeks since Antigone has ended and that I've gone on my break.  Well, maybe that break lasted only for a week since I've spent the majority of that time learning Premiere and After Effects to create the New York video.  It's been a fun process and I can see why many others I know like to create videos.  However, this will all be put to the test when I help out with productions for Epic Stunts for a series of shorts we all had in mind.

I've been blessed lately to reunite with old friends from different circles the last few weeks.  It's been amazing to catch up, have fun and party with everybody and it reminds me what it is like to be me again.  I've got just one more week before I fully go back to the grind of work and the madness of more auditions and training again but for now the sun will set and with the moon comes the heavy beats and bright lights of a little event we like to call EDC...

I hope that everyone is doing well out there...  =o)

No Track of the Day again but instead I bring to you finally the New York video!