Expanding My Horizons...

Posted by Solace In Hunger

I AM SO SICK OF BEING SAD. I AM TIRED OF BEING DEPRESSED. Am I still affected by this...YES. Are the feelings still there for her...YES. Am I going to let an incident like this affect me...NO. So, I've decided. I'm going to Ibiza by myself. Within the electronic dance community there are two rites of passage listeners must take to be fully realized in the world.

1) Go to Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands located near Spain. This region is INFAMOUS for its summer parties and string of clubs drawing the the world's elite DJs. It has been often referred to as the "center of the worldwide electronic music movement" And for those of you have listened to any live sets performed there KNOW that this is indeed a movement. It's one thing to partake an experience such as a massive at a sports arena or convention center but to just stay within a CITY so far removed from here and basking in that vibe of the music just swells me up I cannot contain myself. I was planning to take Andrea here as a graduation present but I've decided that regardless this still is very much for myself as well. I'm checking out the plans for next year and making myself a spot.

2) Go to Burning Man. Name after the burning of a wooden effigy in the event, it is a one week festival held out in the middle of nowhere in Black Rock City, Nevada which is north of Reno. This is actually more of a spiritual event (though ALL of the events I go to are spiritual for me) as it is better desribed as "an experiment in community, radical self-expression and radical self-reliance" Patrons are strongly encourage to be participants and not spectators as the areas of the festival are surrounded by art. A facet of the rave culture does exist in the festival in which not only is the music featured but more importantly the idea of the community that is mainly practiced here. If you ever need to do some serious soul-searching...THIS is it.

These are long term plans that I won't get to complete (If I get my semi-annual bonus now and have extremely good luck with accomodations I will go to Ibiza right now) until this time next year. And I'm going alone for these if I have to. So for now...I will be getting ready for my own little back to back Vanguard retreat with Paul van Dyk on Friday and Sander van Doorn on Saturday.