Open Your Eyes...

Posted by Solace In Hunger

The world is in need of great repair. I've always questioned whether or not how many people in the world are truly alive. Just how many of us have achieved self-actualization? I see many people of the world enslaved by their insecurities and values fed to them by pop culture. They keep drifting on, stagnant in their routines, conforming into what they think they should be instead of learning and pursuing who they want to be. I used to think that many "successful" people here in the world had things figured out. But I'm starting to realize that either these are people who have learned to play the system and get away with it, or those who have truly sold their souls and conformed. Simply put...they've just sold out. I see more that most people in the world have settled in their positions in life. I thought that I was one of those individuals who played the system and still had myself intact...I have a job (though I hate it) that pays well, I had a sort of security that I see now only put the blinders on. Because of it I lost someone so precious and so wonderful. I think that she was begining to see that I was dying inside. How have I lived my life and what do I show for it? The possessions I have been acquiring are empty. I am a good person, I have a great potential, and I am capable. But what exactly have I done to utilize these traits. What have I done so far to really impact the world? I wanted to get into acting not only because its a chance to relay my life's experiences but I feel that it will put me in a better position to give back. I want to become a philanthropist through my art. Many have lost a love for the things in this world, but it is still there. It didn't go anywhere. The world is still what it is...and knowing how I've influenced people in the past I KNOW that I can give it to them. I'm sitting here listening to Tiƫsto set and it is truly making me happy right now. The joy no matter how big or small is right there in front of us we just have to open our eyes to it. We can actually make the world what we want it to be. It just might take showing the light to one person at a time. Once again, I look back to the horrible things that have happened to everybody in the past month and I'm now beginning to see people pick themselves up. Maybe this is the world's own way of trying to give us happiness. It too could see that we are riding ourselves into oblivion in our current state and it realized that it had to come in and try to fix it. Dammit, I'm going to help...I'm going to do what I can to spread my energy and my light to those around me for the greater good.