That's Not Chinese Food!!!

Posted by Solace In Hunger

So, after repeatedly discussing the differences between Americanized Chinese Food vs. Traditional Chinese Food to my non-Asian friends I have come up with a simple guide to distinguish the restaurants that serve either food...

-Forks are in the place settings.
-Food taste is more bland than they Authentic counterparts.
-Menus are only in English.
-Water is initially served while tea needs to be requested.
-Waiter/Waitress heavily encourages ordering items unfamiliar to newer patrons of the cuisine.
-Advertise heavily on TV, print and online. Might have their own website.
-LA County Department of Health Rating: A

-Lacquered chopsticks are the only utensil in the place setting. Forks needs to be requested.
-Food taste are in some cases acquired.
-Menus are mostly in Chinese, MAYBE with misspelled English underneath if there any at all.
-Tea is initially served while water needs to be requested.
-Awkward interactions with Waiter/Waitress (usually because of language barrier) leads to patrons ordering items recognized heavily in the Americanized restaurants (Beef with Broccoli, Orange Chicken).
-Advertise through word of mouth ONLY. The concept of having a website is beyond some owners.
-LA County Department of Health Rating: B

Also, note that many familiar conventions that we experience in the Americanized restaurants were never even Chinese to begin with. Here is a talk I found on the TED website where New York Times writer Jennifer Lee dispels the misconceptions you might come across in your local Chinese restaurant.