Moving Forward

Posted by Solace In Hunger

I am an artist. My very existence on this planet is always fleeting, growing, expanding, searching, experiencing and learning. I very much am the air of my sign and drift to where the winds take me. I do believe in life some of the best growth comes with pain. I feel there NEEDS to be some bad times to totally appreciate the good. It's strange I know. As if I subconsciously seek out the darkness to make the light shine that much brighter. I don't believe that people grow when things are all that well. When most are at their happiest they try so hard to "freeze" that time that they do not allow themselves to unravel along with the strands of life. They become complacent and become out of touch with their identity. I don't know a brilliant person who is not in some way tortured themselves. However, this does not mean that we should not enjoy every second when life is at it's brightest. A true appreciation of the world comes when both can be fully explored.

I tried then to fight whatever stress or sadness could come my way behind the mask of a smile but then I realized I was not being honest with myself. That I was not honest with reality. Letting those impulses seal itself within started a deadening of my feelings and I started to become a shell of myself. Instead of facing things head on and making them better I would just hide them under a laugh. If you want to laugh, then laugh. If you want to cry, then cry just let it ring true, and never go against where the current of your heart leads.

Now that I have shed myself again of another spiritual husk, I awaken with renewed vigor. My fists tighten as a burning blood surges through my veins. I can hear a fluttering of a song in the back of my ear. My body trembles with so much energy I could soar into the sky. The breeze comes again and with it I float to the sky and land where the currents of life take me.

The world is shining brighter again...