The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Posted by Solace In Hunger

"We are always getting ready to live, but never living" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's amazing how a single day can bring so much hope doesn't it? I had a feeling that this day was different as I had run into my friend randomly on the freeway of all places while she was coming home from a shoot. Today was just a day of positive energies flowing throughout my world.

I received a message from an agent at the Colleen Cler agency looking to set up an interview next month!!! The agency specializes in commercials and print modeling and from the testimonials I've read they carry a very good reputation. I know that this is only a step and nothing is guaranteed but like the favorable response from the casting managers at ABC in December, if feels validating. Further doors of opportunity will open if I'm able to sign with them and if not I'll walk away with a valuable learning experience. I've been very fortunate to be blessed with the encouragement and wishes of other working actors who are at where I want to be and this next step is just further proof that my dream can become a reality. Progress is inspiring!!!

I finally have cable at my place! =o) Adult Swim, Spike, ABDC, G4, Bravo, Discovery...all of which for me to indulge in again. It's a weird thing to be relieved about since I really don't watch television but having it does make the place seem more like home to me. It goes back to when I was little and lived in my house with only my sisters. While they were at work and left me alone, I always turned on all of the TVs and lights in the house to make it seem as if there were people in it. The empty hallways and dark rooms were now full of life and laughter. My room just seems that much more warmer now.

I was also contacted by long lost actor friends from the past that I was happy to hear from. I'm looking forward on having these bonds reconnected and sharing on what our lives have become in our time apart. They bring with them a positive, productive energy which I'm happy to bring more of into my life.

Though all of this pain, I am finally able to feel in my heart what my head knows in that there is still a bright future ahead even if I must take this journey on my own. This new world I have created for myself is finally taking shape. Eschewing the negative influences around me the last few weeks has begun to allow my heart to heal. I've again found joys in the silliest things that make me laugh and the days I've spent crying are becoming fewer. I'm not forgetting the pain but I'm finally putting it in control. I'm one step closer to peace and with that comes even more power to make my dreams into reality.

I hope that everyone is doing well out there... =o)

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