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“There cannot be a crisis today; my schedule is already full” - Henry Kissinger

Phew...okay.  Another one of those "too much going on but I need to make an update" updates.  And here we go in 3...2...1...


We have just finalized casting for Antigone and our work is definitely cut out for us.  We have had a guest artist from Diavolo and a voice specialist from Cal State Long Beach come to assist us in performance techniques and staging.  Though this is a traditionally classical play, I'm excited by what these abstract elements will bring to the piece.  Oh, and vocal exercises have been great on the abs.  ;)


EPIC Stunts was just picked up for our first project!!!  It's an independent film in the vein of female-themed actioners of the 70's and late 90's.  We're still in the process of signing the contracts and finalizing shooting dates so I'm holding back details until that is set.  And practice starts right when I come back from NY.  YAY pain!


Carin has notified me of hip-hop classes being offered through her artisan community/church .  The instructors and alumni have been featured on So You Think You Can Dance.  This will be a great way to continue training as my last class had ended last week.  That end came only too soon as it felt like I was only just beginning to tap into this other creative side of myself that I never knew was there.  From what I've been reading for the group they seem to be very supportive as well as they are passionate so this will indeed be a great direction to take.

Something new?

Introducing my new best friend accompanying me to New York.   For years I had always wanted a video camera to document the many adventures and going's on in my life.

Something random


Taken last night from a shoot with my friend Janet for her theatre piece demonstrating abstract relationships.

See you all when I get back from NY!!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well out there... =o)

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